One of a Kind Bowling Club


               In Memorial

A Tribute to those Men, and Women Who Loved the Sport of Bowling, and what it would bring.

 God saw the road  was getting rough,

The hills were getting hard to climb,

He gently closed those loving eyes

And whispered "Peace Be Thine"

But to us who knew and loved them, their memories will never grow old.




Vickey Twitty

David Powell

Ron Jackson

Jerry White

Charles White

John Mack

Nate Gardner

Ophara Motley

Aileen Rice

Danamarie Jones

"Aunt Lorraine" Hayes

Clyde "Boomer" Behl II

Ken Headly

Major Brown

Ed Rooney

Ronald Cocroft

Joseph "Bill" Kenny

Rosa Williams

John Henry King Jr.

Anna Johnson

Bill Gilson

Lorne "L-Train" Bennett

Gloria "Shorti" Brown

Timothy Nolan


Alton Jenkins   ***  George Bailey  ***

Wilbur McClain

Janice McDonald

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